Akder - Akışkan Gücü Derneği

AKIŞKAN FLUID POWER ASSOCIATION, which has a short name of AKDER, was founded in 1994 by the leading companies of the sector. 

AKIŞKAN; is a Turkish name given to oil,water,air etc.liquid and gases in our sector. It means fluid in English.

In general terms, the fluid is loaded with an electric motor, an internal combustion engine or a mechanical energy from another source. Fluid takes this energy as pressure and flow and transforms  into mechanical energy in a different place, in different ways and provides a work.

In practice, we use the term Hydraulics for liquids, and the  Pneumatic for gases. Hydraulic and Pneumatic is a technology that provides safe, practical and inexpensive solutions in a wide range of machinery and equipment, especially in construction machinery.

Here AKDER serving in hydraulic and pneumatic industry in Turkey; is an association of leading companies from manufacturers, importers and distributors. Currently, it has 74 members nationwide. 

AKDER, in accordance with the statute of the relevant issues, is the only organization of this sector which aims to take part in the implementation of ethical rules between members and market, the establishment of quality standards in this regard, the collection of statistical information, and support for the training of members and users and if necessary, to undertake this training itself, for the commercial success of its members, promotion and in various organizations.

AKDER has become a member of CETOP (Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydrauliques et Pneumatiques), which is the European Union version of Fluid Power, which was formed in 2002 by similar associations in Europe in order to realize its aims.

It has taken over as a duty to support the export of machinery in our country by becoming a member of MSSP (Machinery Industry Sector Platform)in 2007  which was formed by OAIB (Central Anatolian Exporters Union). 

This platform was later transformed into MAKFED Federation of Machinery Manufacturing Associations and became a legal entity. AKDER also has become a founding member of this federation.

AKDER; with the support and encouragement of OAIB and its members, has established a training center called the UAGEM National Fluid Power Training Center and has been providing Hydraulic and Pneumatic trainings since 2009 in accordance with the recommendations of CETOP.

At the Perpa Trade Center, B Block Floor Nr. 12 office Nr. 2087, the company currently continues its training at its own center or on demand outside of center in several manufacturing facilities, also outside of Turkey. AKDER Certificate is given to the participants, if required, a CETOP approved certificate can be issued as a valid passport approved by CETOP in Europe.

He has been active in the publication and implementation of the international and European technical standards as a TS standard in cooperation with the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) in order to be a source of reference in the field of quality within the sector. In addition, by establishing a Mirror Committee composed of its members, it supports TSE's opinion on international standard drafting in its sector.

There are members who have the knowledge and competence to provide consultancy support in the solution of disputes. The AKDER Fluid Power Association, which is accredited on a European scale with the membership of CETOP, has links that can receive any kind of support from this organization if necessary.


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